ABS Group has a very clear objective- To provide comprehensive range of renewable energy products & establish leading position in the World Small Wind Market based on highly precise product design supported by highest efficient after sales support & service.

Company has 15 years of establishment & bringing a philosophy to promote use of sustainable energy in the society by ensuring profitable investment at user end.

We offer range of SMALL WIND TURBINES, WIND PUMPS, SOLAR POWER SOLUTIONS and SOLAR PUMPS designed with many years of international experience & bring together the work of an engineers team with specialization in aero dynamics, mechanical design & electronics.

ABS is concerned about mis-selling of small wind by some Indian dealers a situation which will ultimately and incorrectly damage the reputation of small wind. Furthermore there is no such thing as a cheap wind turbine power generation is a long term business and the design life of equipment should be greater than 20 years a wind turbine with a design life of only a few years is a very expensive wind turbine.

Small wind has a genuine economic rationale when sold to customers who either rely on diesel generation or who experience regular and lengthy power outages. Fundamentally small wind requires a good wind resource turbulent wind in an urban environment does not result in good power production.


  • To be the technology leader in the small wind sector.
  • To be a key organization in small wind market & renewable energy solutions.
  • To be a profitable technology & service provider for small wind solution.
  • Acceptance of new technology for continuous system upgradation.
  • To be a committed organization for continuous development of comprehensive renewable energy products.

Quality Management:-

Quality management practices are very essential to set roadmap for continuous growth, strengthening organizational capabilities & to achieve organizations goals.

Quality control department of ABS ENERGY always focuses on enhancement of product development & execution. Quality control practices of organization are committed to deliver reliable product ensuring profitable investment of customer & enhancing the performance efficiency of the product which results into reduction of payback period.


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