Solar Water Pump


Existing 3 Phase Submersible Pumps

  • High Performance Certified Multi Crystalline PV Panels
  • Integration with your / Surface Pumps
  • Solar Water Pumping Solutions from 1HP to 15HP
  • Qualified and Motivated team of Professionals
  • Solar VFD with MEPT Features
  • Run your Pumps on Solar & Grid


  • Farm House
  • Farming / Irrigation



1 Head Pumping  with full efficiency up to 350 mts (1150 ft) of vertical head and above 6000 mts of horizontal distance
2 Pump suitability Any type of old/new pumps of any brand with any RPM range of  1440 or 2800  works with full efficiency
3 Pump  Voltage Programmable to any type of 440 v/230v    3 phase ac pumps
4 Universal range Universal range of pump capacity. That is a 5 hp controller can be used from 0.5 hp to  5 hp.
5 Upgrading Unit can be upgraded simply by increasing panel wattage
6 Input voltage range Very wide range of  input working voltage, works well from 150 v-1000 v
7 Panel combination works well with any combination of PV module as it has got very wide range of voltage range suitability
8 panel requirement 1000 watt is the maximum requirement to pump from 350 mts head
9 special futures (No where in the world) The pump can be run with even 200 watt PV per hp at a lower head of 10 mts
10 low watt surface pumping Possible with lower  watt PV array(example: a 5 hp swimming pool pump can be operated with its full efficiency just with 2500 watt panels)
11 Inbuilt boost voltage(no where in the world) System boosts its input voltage to 2X, 4X, 8X level to  keep the voltage range to a maximum and extracts full efficiency
12 Pumping parallel combination(First time in the world) 2  pumps of same capacity with almost same physical condition can be run with single VFD
13 pumping on clouds Pumps well during cloudy weather and also pump never stops when cloud crosses  the sun
14 Smart Current limiting The system has got current limiting factors where by neglects  the excess  current and allow the system to run consistently even at any high lux level of sun light
15 User friendly Very easy operation modes, even a former  can handle the system
16 Service facility Since we are the manufacturer we can handle the service by component level where by with a minimum or no cost the system can be made worthy
17 Technology updating Updating of technology  possible
18 Date logging Built-in remote monitoring and data logging facilities
19 Design and advisory support Direct acces with manufacturer and technologist for technical assistance

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