Wind Turbine

ABS 10 kW wind turbine system is sophistically designed & developed to fulfill the power requirements of developing regions of countries. ABS 10 kW wind turbine system is designed to provide effective results at various places like rural region, education institutes, residential complexes, industrial hubs & many other places with minimum wind velocity.

The Wind Turbine System is commonly divided into three sections:-

  1. PM Generator – It converts kinetic energy into electrical energy.
  2. Nacelle –It contains key components of wind turbine system.
  3. Tower –Provides support for nacelle & PM generator mounting.

We offer 10 kW Off Grid/ stand-alone & On Grid wind turbine system classified into two models based on technology used.

ABS Energy1

ABS Advantage

  • Wide range of tower designs available
  • Turnkey design & installation
  • Nominal running cost.
  • Easy commissioning in remote areas
  • Can be installed in less ground area
  • Life Expectancy > 20 years
  • Warranty of 2 years

ABS Applications

  • Electrification of Rural & Remote regime.
  • Educational Institutes.
  • Housing Colonies.
  • Farm Houses.
  • Resorts & Amusement Parks.
  • Corporate campus

Off Grid/ Stand Alone System

The system is suitably designed to operate on low wind sites across India & ratio between generator & rotor diameter is maintained accordingly.

The concept of 10 kW wind turbine system is based on, PM generator with gearless assembly & effective peak load dumping system & yawing system.

The system is precisely monitored & controlled by PLC based master controller, a proven & well accepted technology in wind sector. The master controller is compiled with remote monitoring system, which provides more reliability at customer end for system monitoring.

Models available-

  1. ABSW-OX-10 kW
  2. ABSW-OXR-10 kW

On Grid System ABSW-OG-10 kW

The ABSW-OG-10 kW is designed & developed by aiming use of sustainable energy in more beneficial ways. With use of on grid system, individual can sell excess generated power to the grid authority. This can increase use of carbon credits.

The system is equipped with key components like gird inverter, charge controller for grid connectivity & monitoring system to monitor system’s operation.


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